An hour of fun and stimulation at Rostrum Club 9

Every week, there is an exciting meeting held every Tuesday at the Metropolitan Hotel at 12.35pm for a 12.45pm start. There is probably no other hour we can more enjoy, listening to great speeches, sharing with interesting personalities; energetic members sharing their knowledge, skills and humour.

State President, Rod Ellis rings the bell to commence the Club 9 meeting. Member, Christine is next to himState President Rod ringing the bell to commence the Club 9 meeting. Member, Christine is next to himAn example of what we offer comes from a recent meeting that we would like to share with you. Our State President Rod, who is also our club member was in the chair. We commenced with an ‘Icebreaker’ to make everyone relaxed and a number of members spoke to the topic. Then, our longest standing member, Peter spoke to the subject ‘Old Long Since’. We suspect that very few of us knew we now call it ‘Auld Lang Syne’, the famous song by Robbie Burns and Peter suggested the words were not all those of the ‘old bard’.

Then suddenly, we were all called on to sing it – great fun if not the greatest choir going around. After that, Christine talked about ‘Old Noarlunga’ and the interesting by-election in the region. To conclude, the speaking programme, Paul told us about ‘Old Trafford’ in Manchester, which is actually two sports grounds – for cricket and for Manchester United.

Our Coach, Gill offered her kindly and intuitive advice on how we can all improve our speaking skills. She awarded the ‘Light Up Award’ to the club’s longest standing member. And Peter was thrilled to receive it and said it has been a long time since he last received it.

The photos show Rod opening the meeting and Peter with his award. Yes, we have fun and stimulating times at Club 9. Come along and see for yourself.

Coach Gill Kirkbride presents the ‘Light Up’ Award to Peter WalshCoach Gill Kirkbride presents the ‘Light Up’ Award to Peter Walsh

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